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Residential Garage Door Installations

Are you looking for a garage door? Look no further than the professionals at Wayne Door Sales. We are a locally owned and operated business with 70 years of experience!


We have a robust inventory of of beautiful and long-lasting Wayne Dalton garage doors to fit any residential need.

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We honor manufacturers’ warranties.

Pick the Door of Your Choice

When you are in need of a garage door, Wayne Door Sales is the right go-to place. We boast of a variety of garage doors.

We provide you with a number of options so that you can pick the door that suits your needs.

Some of the popular models of doors include:


  • Wayne Dalton 8300
  • Wayne Dalton 9605
  • Wayne Dalton 8600
  • Wayne Dalton 8850

    Count on Our Expert Door Installers

    When you need a garage door for your home, come to us for reliable and professional garage door installations and repairs.

    We specialize in door repairs and installations. We work on a variety of doors, including entry doors, patio and storm doors, garage doors, and gate operators.
    If you need to evaluate your garage door size and see what will best suit you, contact our
    skilled and competent professionals and let them provide you with a FREE estimate.

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